Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, I'm Blogging About Orange Juice

First off, I have enjoyed my day off. I ALMOST walked to Target to get my prescription (over 2mi round trip) ... but Brandon said that really wouldn't be a day off then, so I didn't.

Also, I was going to have an apple fritter (= bad, technically) last night when I stopped at Starbucks before hockey writing work and even ordered it ... when it got stolen for someone in the drive thru. *sigh* I guess that fritter and I were just not meant to be.

That, or it's just the universe's way of saying, "You've been AWESOME so far. Don't screw it up, mmmkay?" Either way.

Anyway, yes, the rest of this blog will be about orange juice. As Brandon can attest, I am one picky girl when it comes to my oj. Tropicana Pure Premium, no pulp, with calcium is pretty much all I'll drink. The only time I like pulp in my oj is when it's fresh squeezed (also amazing). But other than that ...

Oh, and whatever the stuff they served in the dorms at BU, but that stuff (on ice) was damn good somehow.

ANYWAY, Tropicana has a similar oj to the stuff I drink but the "light and healthy" version. While I was on the bodybugg, I'll admit I looked into it as it was fewer calories and yadda yadda yadda, but the problem was it was an orange juice BEVERAGE. Not pure oj, but an oj imposter. Therefore, I stuck to my regular old calorific oj.

Until this past week, that is, when Mom accidentally bought the light and healthy stuff. She said it was the only calciumed Tropicana at first ... and then she said she just grabbed one of the cartons.

Not to pick on her, but there's a bit of a difference between the two:
Orange Juice
See? 100% pure DELICIOUS orange juice on the left; light orange juice BEVERAGE on the right.

Still, since it was the only orange juice in the house (until this morning), I tried it. So did Brandon. The consensus?

Brandon hated it.
I thought it was weird ... like a non-carbonated Orangina almost. Still, it was better if I treated my morning orange juice like a shot and just downed it. A little too weird for me.

I first thought there was a color difference, but then I compared the two:
Orange Juice
Regular oj again, on the left. Crappy oj, on the right.

According to this shot ... you can't really tell the difference. I guess the light stuff is a little lighter, but that's it.

So now that I've yammered on for whoknowshowlong on orange juice, I leave you with this:

If you like Tropicana orange juice and like the calcium-fortified stuff and have been thinking about going to the light and healthy stuff ... do it if you're on the Weight Watchers points system or if you really, reeeealllly care about those extra 60 or so calories.

Besides, wasn't it nice to get a non-workout-related post from me? You know it was ...


Sagan said...

Am with you about the pulp! It's only good if its all fresh squeezed.

Not a big juice person though. I like some OJ with my champagne- otherwise I'd rather eat an orange (I like to munch:)).

Funny about the fritter, the way the universe steps in like that!

Anonymous said...

The more pulp the better. Otherwise how do you know it is really oj?

PULP PULP PULP. yummy in my tummy.