Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blasted the arms in anger

How do I put this...? Lately, I have felt totally worthless. Like a big pile. And it's certainly not without merit. While my awesome, kick-ass girlfriend is competing in her 2nd ever triathlon tomorrow, I am a worthless boob who has never done something like it. Compiled with other worthless aspects of my life (lots of debt, unable to see any change in my near future), working out has unfortunately taken a back seat lately. I have had lots of opportunities, but instead have sat around feeling sorry for myself.

Tonight after a ridiculous night at the bowling alley, I went home as quickly as I could to grab workout stuff and get to the gym to blast my arms. I was so angry, I knew I could lift more. I saw girlfriend, gave her a hug, and immediately started curling. I decided no resting tonight. So immediately after curling, I went into tricep presses and finished with flys. Times 3.

I'm looking at girlfriend's tri as a new starting point. She has impressed me and motivated me so much. Without her, I would have not lost the weight that I have. And with her support, I know I can do a tri next year. And I will. I just have to believe in myself, which I have never really done, so hopefully that is something I can work on.

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