Friday, August 22, 2008

Training Goals

As we've both alluded to recently, we each came up with some goals for the next few months in terms of fitness, nutrition, training and overall confidence. We're each going to do a separate post with our own goals, but there will be some overlap.

I won't yammer on much, so onward!

Rest of August:
- get Brandon's foot fixed (DONE!)
- work out when we can (i've got a friend visiting, brandon's got airplane stuff)
- just stay active somehow
- run, run, run
- lift (even if it's lunging around the house or whatnot ... like moving furniture)

- SkirtChaser 5K and possibly the Autumn Color Run
- core, cycling and general cardio
- MAYBE looking into hockey leagues
- run Red Rocks
- H.I.I.T. (or crabby's s.h.i.i.t.) training for cardio
- general focus on upping strength training
- flexibility

- maybe a 5K (might be one at red rocks)
- enjoyment outside - REJUVENATION
- hockey
- agility
- endurance for cardio; stamina
- functional strength training

We also made some general goals in regards to our nutrition ...

T's Eating Goals:
- mini meals - eat every few hours
- more fruits and veggies
- start taking a multivitamin
- drink lots more water (i always feel better when i do)
- no soda pop (whatevs) except for some rare Diet Pepsi
- smarter menu choices when eating out (meaning, split with brandon when i can)
- when I have the option, choose healthier restaurants
- don't waste treats (so if we're at a buffet-type restaurant, don't get the dessert there because it's crappy quality. instead, save it for some place where it's going to be really damn good)

Finally, we made some promises to ourselves and each other in terms of motivation so we stay on track ...

Our Pact to Ourselves:
- no sabotaging each other, unintentionally or otherwise
- say "fuck you" to our inner critics (harder for boyfriend)
- no negative self talk ... unless it's telling the inner critic to go fuck itself
- keep each other on track AND help each other get back up if we fall off the wagon
- remind each other not to overdo it ... since we both have tendencies toward overtraining. This goes back to Brandon's thing a few posts ago about always feeling like there's a little left in the tank at the end of a work out.

I'll repost the monthly goals as those months come around this here blog. If you, the (few) readers notice that we're not doing something in regards to our personal pact in this blog (like trashing ourselves), CALL US OUT ON IT. It'll help in the long run.

Here's to training ...

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