Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keeping With the Goals

As Brandon said, today was a bit of a cluster, but we still managed to squeeze in a late night gym session. I warmed up with five minutes on the recumbent bike and then stretched out really well. From then, it was lifting time ...

- lunges across the group x room and back with a bar across the shoulders
- 2/10 stability ball crunches
- 2/10 body weight squats against a stability ball on the wall
- 2 sets of 21's with a barbell
- 2/10 seated rows
- 3/10 standing tri extension thingys (at the cable machine with the rope attachment; i did a bit of calf work while brandon did his sets)
- 2/10 back extensions

I probably could have pushed myself a lot more in terms of weight and intensity, but since I haven't lifted in a while, I decided not to. Hoping for a run tomorrow!

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