Thursday, August 7, 2008

Onto the Sprints

Boyfriend is gone so I get to work out by myself. Boo. :(

Oh well. I was pondering running today, but I didn't feel like running with the wind so I decided to wait until this evening and went to the gym instead.

My goal for this month is to stretch more so I did my five minute recumbent bike warm up then stretched out. My muscles are pretty sore from hockey still so it felt good.

I then decided to do the 2/3 treadmill sprint workout for just 20 minutes since it was kinda late already. I walked the two minute portions at 3.5mph and ran the three minute portions at 6.0mph until the final three minutes where I did one minute at 6.5mph, one at 7.0mph and the last at 7.5mph, pushing it a bit. I want a good 5K time before the year is out (well, preferably before the end of september) like last year and I know that getting some sprints/intervals in will help me out.

Tri photos are up on FotoJack ... but I'll submit y'all to those tomorrow. For the curious and impatient, go to, click on the TRI for the Cure (Aurora, CO) link - is, as I post this, third from the top, and search for bib number 2560. You'll love the pure determination on my face in the running photos. It really shows how much I pushed it at the end ... and more commentary that shall come tomorrow.

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