Thursday, August 21, 2008

No More "Vacation" For T ... Kind of.

Sooo ... yeah. Haven't really worked out in a little while. I was going to bring all my workout stuff when I visited Brandon in Seattle, but his ingrown toenail of DOOOOOM came back and it made him not be able to work out anymore. :( So, since I was having space issues in the suitcase already, I left my workout shoes at home and took the trip as a vacation.

Granted, we did walk around a lot and splashed around in the (highly chlorinated) pool to keep moving, but it wasn't working out per se.

So, due to getting stuck at SeaTac and spending a night there (boo) as well as Brandon getting his toe fixed again, we didn't get to work out again until this morning. We went for a run - the same 1.25 mile loop I did the last time I ran ... but I did it in 12:59 for a 10:23ish mile. And my lungs were bothering me.

I know I'll get my legs back fairly quickly but my lungs take FOREVER to get back. I take a week off from fairly high intensity cardio and it takes my lungs a good month to get back to where they were. *sigh* It'll be a bit difficult working out over the next week due to my roommate from college being in town (ran while she slept), but I'll do my damnedest.

Also upcoming: While in Seattle, Brandon and I wrote down our goals for the rest of this month, September and October, so expect a bloggity blog about that soon!

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