Sunday, August 10, 2008


I swam 750 yards, or meters, I don't know which. I'm assuming the pool is about 25 meters. But who knows. In any event, that's what I swam.

I also lifted. Did some shoulder presses and curls.

But my mind has gotten to wandering...which is not good. Usually. In this case, it might be good...

Girlfriend kind of got me thinking this afternoon about how our diets have been over the past few months. We live with her parents which is huge in terms of financial savings. And really, I am grateful for the blessing that it is. But it does have its downsides. The biggest one being the food situation. First off, I feel very uncomfortable asking someone who I am not related to by blood to buy things for me at the grocery store that I like to eat, especially when other people in the house don't eat them (yogurt and craisins jump to mind immediately). I also feel obligated to go out to dinner, lunch, etc which I know is not good for me given the crap restaurants serve nowadays. And I feel obligated to sit down and eat artery-clogging dinners with the people that are letting me live in their house and sleep with their daughter.

So obviously I'm caught in a catch-22 here. With a tri next year + an overall lifestyle change that I have made in the past year, I am pretty concerned about staying in shape and being healthy. My worry is that Theresa's mom (and my own) will sabotage my efforts, no matter how much exercising I do.

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