Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Puck Time

Tri blog still forthcoming. I'd like to wait until the main photos are up on FotoJack, but I may just bloggity blog about it tomorrow. I'm feeling marginally better about it, but ONLY marginally.

After taking yesterday off (well-deserved i felt), I decided to do something other than run, bike or swim today - I played some hockey.

It was my (well, our) first skate in ... geez, at least a month which, in T world, translates into a good skate, weirdly enough. Even though we signed up that morning and were excited about playing, I wasn't looking forward to it at all by the time I got there due to learning that I got rejected for a job that Brandon thought I had a good chance of getting (*siiiigh* go figure). Regardless, after warming up and starting the game, all thoughts about that disappointment went away and I just focused on one thing - playing some puck.

It wasn't my worst game by any means though it wasn't my best - it was somewhere in the middle, probably on the upper end of the bell curve, and that was good enough for me tonight.

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