Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Motivation ...

... kinda. I was watching part of the Opening Ceremonies before leaving for the gym and while doing cardio ... but I don't know if it motivated me any more.

Anyway, my back was feeling better so I did go work out tonight (go me!). Typical five minute recumbent bike warm up as well as stretching. I wanted to lift tonight and not do too much cardio, so I only did 15 minutes of intervals on the stepmill. Still, those 15 minutes of intervals got me sweating pretty nicely, so I'm happy.

Then, it was off to a light lifting day. 3/10 captain's chair thingys, 3/10 each forward, left and right side crunches on the ab-bench (did first 10 of each together, rested, continued). Then it was off to do 3/10 back extensions. In the midst of my resting, I glanced at myself in the mirror and thought, "Y'know self, you look pretty damn good tonight." That doesn't happen too often, but I'll take it.

From the extensions, it was 3/10 lat pulldowns, 2/10 lying dumbbell tricep extensions and 2/10 bicep curls. I did 2/5 of shoulder raises, but it was really like 2/10 since I alternated between forward and side raises. At this point, my arms were starting to get fatigued (yay!). I finished up with some quick body weight squats - 3/10, with the last five as continuous jump squats.

I felt good in this workout, despite workout buddy boyfriend not being there. Boo. :(

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