Thursday, August 28, 2008

Future Post Preview!

... kind of. I mentioned way the hell back when that I was going to eventually do a post or two on my fitness history - the background of why I am the way that I am. Or something like that.

Well, I started typing some on it tonight and, next thing I know, I have four pages of a word document.

That's a lot of blog ... and that's just through middle school.

You can't tell I'm a writer (journalist). Nuh uh. Not at aaaalllll.

Soooo ... I can obviously edit things down or just do about 10 different blog entries ... once I get them all written out. I really want to post my history ... but at the same time, I don't want to bore y'all.

Therefore, if any of you readers out there in the ol' blogosphere have thoughts on this matter - whether you want to see the entirety of l'histoire de T or just the Cliffs Notes version, let me know.

(and yes, you'll see another blog later when i go work out. maybe. part of me wants a day off.)

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