Friday, August 22, 2008

Traning and Triathlon goals

Since my toe is fixed and a triathlon is looming on the horizon, while we were both in Seattle, girlfriend and I came up witn some training goals. Basically we lumped them into two things, training and personal. There's also some nutrition goals in there as well.

- Get my foot fixed (done)
- Work out when we can (given how busy the rest of the month is for us)
- Just stay active somehow

- Foot fixed (hooray, done!)
- On basis of that, run Nike Human Race 10K on 8-31-08
- Run more

- Skirt Chaser 5K and maybe Autumn Color 5K
- Core, cycling, and general cardio
- Run Red Rocks

- Endurance for cardio (treadmill workout, hill sprints, etc)
- Core strengthening
- CONSISTENCY (week to week)

- Maybe a 5K
- Enjoyment outside (October is probably our favorite month)
- More hockey

- Intense weight training
- flexibility
- agility

Each month will bring on new challenges and mix it up. I think over the summer one of the problems was I was doing the same workouts day in and day out. I mean, it was good that I was training and whatnot, don't get me wrong, but only running 5K's, for example, is not going to help me grow. That's why I'm doing the 10K on 8-31. Running Red Rocks is another goal of mine. I want to run every row + sprint up the rows at the end. Mixing it up will help both of us stay motivated.

As for nutrition, it's a tough thing for me being I'm a pilot. However, I think I can take it in baby steps. Here they are...

- No fast food except Subway and Taco Bell (options at the airport suck)
- Pack food for trips
- Eat out less and when I do, wise menu choices
- Cut down snacking
- Actually eat while bartending (have girlfriend bring something or pack some food)
- Try multi-vitamin
- More water (not Gatorade)
- Don't waste treats

Even further into these goals, girlfriend and I have set a couple rules for each other. Promises in motivation. These are...

- Support each other. We are not competing against each other. We are helping each other
- No sabotaging each other, unintentionally or otherwise
- Say fuck you to our inner critics (definitely the hardest thing I will do all year)
- No negative self talk unless its telling the inner critic to go fuck itself
- Keep each other on track and help each other get back up
- Remind each other not to overdo it

With these goals in mind, the next couple months should provide entertainment on the blogs and help girlfriend and I shed some poundage, but more importantly, help us feel better about ourselves and in general.

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