Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*can't think of title*

Well, Amy's gone so it's time to get serious about working out again ... because I actually can now. Yeah.

Anyway, since I'm meeting up with Brandon in the Springs tomorrow since he overnights there (yay, boyfriend's work shacking him up only an hour south!), we decided we'd hit up the gym together in the afternoon. As a result, I decided I'd go for a run tonight. It was still warm, but not as bad as it was earlier.

I first warmed up by doing 20 jumping jacks, five sprints in the backyard (each about 25 yards) and followed that up with another 20 jumping jacks. I then stretched my butt out and did the same loop I've done the last three times I've gone running outside.

The results this time: 1.25 miles in 12:07 for a 9:42 mile.

Even though this was the fastest time of the three runs, I felt really pretty crappy. Part of it was due to my diet today (you don't want to know. well, not HORRIBLE, just not a lot) and part of it was probably a bit due to me pushing myself.

Still, I finished and I finished in a decent time. Maybe it was the tiny addition of sprints this past week. Hmmm ....

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