Friday, August 8, 2008

Official-like Tri Photos

Haven't worked out yet today (i will!), but last night I promised you official race photos today and so here they are. With commentary.
Here's me getting out of the swim. It's definitely a much more attractive photo than last year (trust me on this people), but I still think the swim cap makes me look like an old, old woman. Eh.

Here's the first bike picture. I look marginally happy here ... but I tried to when I was passing the camera people on the course. Although, now that I think about it, I think this one was early enough on the route that the quads of MISERY may not have kicked in yet. Hm.

The other bike picture. I'm smiling here ... oh wait, it's because I'm going DOWNHILL. And I knew the camera people were around. Yes, I'm "posing" here. But really, it's okay, because prepare yourself for the next two photos ...
Just hitting the mat. If you read my recap, you'll recall that I sprinted the finish, pulling out all I had to do it. You can see it on the face here, all twisted in agony. And that girl just behind me? She was ahead of me going into the final turn. But in my mad dash toward the finish (and tendency to try and finish every race in a sprint), I passed her. HA.
Yes, the top of my head got chopped off here. This photo really shows my final mad dash at the end, given that my limbs are flailing everywhere and my boobs are somewhere over my right foot unlike normal. And yes, that's once again also my face twisted in pure agony and DOOM (and exposition and all that fun stuff). And I'm pudgy. But, on the bright side, look at that leg muscle. Go me.

Non crazy post later ... unless I don't work out. Which I might not. My back still hurts from hockey ... or at least I hope that's the reason why.

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