Sunday, August 31, 2008

I ran a 10K

As I've said in a few earlier blogs, today was the day I ran the Nike Human Race 10K. I had caught wind of this probably two months ago when I was at the gym and thought it would not only be fun but a challenge that I could do.

Originally the plan was for me to do it around home, with the girlfriend riding her bike alongside me as support. Welllllllll....that didn't happen. Since I am on reserve, the airline can call me at their leisure and tell me when to come to work. I got a call last night saying come in for a 2 day trip. So I decided, why not bring girlfriend with me to Fargo and have her still support me?

The nice thing about the midwest? It's flat. The downside? It's hot, and humid. That didn't deter me, however, and I mapped out a running trail on Figured out what 6.2 miles was and girlfriend and I left to stretch around 2:30.

After a decent warm up, we got started. Within 1/2 a mile, I could already feel the heat. I was feeling ok though for the most part. At around 2.5 miles girlfriend went back to the hotel and I continued on, determined to finish.

I started walking at one point, knowing I just couldn't keep doing it. But I was determined to finish it. I rounded the corner and there was girlfriend waiting with water and a towel. Best things my eyes have seen all day.

All in all, I ran it in 1:05:04 for a pace of 10:25 per mile. Not too shabby, considering I walked a little. And something to build on.


Crabby McSlacker said...

That's great, especially if it was hot and humid.

Way to go!

WeightingGame said...

nice work! The only real race I ever have run was the Nike Run Hit Wonder (Ton Loc sang!) and I loved it - I ran as hard as I could and had a smiling hubby waiting at the end with roses! (I ran it in honor of his mom, which made it extra special). Congrats on achieving your goal.