Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick run in Grand Junction

I worked out very briefly in my room yesterday since the workout room was closed in Billings and it was 107 degrees outside. *eek!* I just did some wall sits and some push-ups. Nothing exciting but enough to feel active.

Today I went for a quick run in Grand Junction. I running mapped it and it was 1.7 miles. Again, nothing spectacular, but during the run, I got the dreaded side pointy dealies which haven't plagued me for awhile. Not sure where they came from, except that I haven't eaten very well over the past two days...

10K on Sunday................mmmmrrrraaaaa


MizFit said...

brandon PLEASE to utilikilt!

have you seen the price of that thang though?

one word: wow.

(and skirtsport 5k? so worth the money. is B getting an IM A SKIRT CHASER tee? arent they the ones who make those?)


T said...

miz - yep. i figured that the race fee would be worth it if only for the clothes. those skirts are normally what, $55? and yes, he'll be getting that shirt.

i'm looking forward to the race as i start 3 minutes ahead of brandon. hopefully he won't catch up ... ;)

Brandon said...

yep Miz, I am so excited for this race. It's crazy. And I am not letting T beat me. No way! I'm gonna catch her!

MizFit said...





WeightingGame said...

omg 107 degrees? That's INSANE!!!! Yikes!