Monday, August 25, 2008

Staying Active

In keeping with my August resolution to stay active somehow even with my roommate in town, I went hiking up around the Maroon Bells area of Aspen in the mountains.

Aspen Trip, 08.25.2008
Oooo, pretty!

Amy, after seeing a picture of the Bells I took last winter on her "holiday" card (i gave in to the pc-ness. i'm sorry.), wanted to head up there to see one of the most photographed spots in Colorado (and hell, probably the planet). We did probably about two miles total of both trail and road (walking back to bus pick-up place), hanging out at 9,580 feet.

Aspen Trip, 08.25.2008
Amy cantering down the path.

Aspen Trip, 08.25.2008
Waterfall thingy we found ... right before a lot of underbrush that led us to the road.

We also stopped in Glenwood Canyon (because it's gorgeous, even though it doesn't photograph well). We parked in a rest area ... but saw the path that goes along the (colorado?) river down below us. We also spotted this steep-ass dirt path that took us down to said path and river. Soooo ... we walked down the path (carefully as the footing wasn't sure) to the river for some photos. Of course, this meant we had to walk back up the steep-ass hill while trying not to slide back down. Needless to say, I took the entire thing on the balls of my feet, giving my quads and calves a nice quick little workout.

If that wasn't enough (because really, it wasn't), and since I know I need to lift more too, I did some push-ups, squats and crunches in the room like five minutes ago. Go me.

And yes, I changed the format. It's a bit easier to read.


MizFit said...

man if that isnt photographing well I SO NEED TO GET OUT MORE.

really beautiful. and really impressive (the activity, yes, but the second to last 2 sentences)


WeightingGame said...

omg you got such amazing pics - I studidly left my camera in the cabin when we went hiking. keystone was beautiful just like you said! So different driving on a highway when you're surrounded by billions of trees and jagged mountain-tops, versus suburban sprawl and flat Illinois crops!