Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sprinty McSprinterson

Since we lifted yesterday, we thought today would be a good day for running. Buuut, since it's been raining off and on and we're wusses (okay, i'm one) when it comes to running in the rain, we decided to go to the gym instead for the 45 minute 2/3 treadmill sprint workout ... after five minutes on the recumbent and stretching, of course.

I did all my two minute walk portions at 3.5 mph, but varied up the running. For the first four sections (so up until the 22:00 mark), I ran the three minute portions at 5.7 mph. For the next three sections (up until the 37:00 mark), I upped it to 5.9 mph. I went back to 5.7 mph for the second-to-last sprint to regain some energy. Then, for the final sprint, it went like so:

42:00-43:00 - 6.0 mph
43:00-44:00 - 6.5 mph
44:00-44:30 - 7.0 mph
44:30-44:45 - 7.5 mph
44:45-45:00 - 8.0 mph

I was tired near the end, but definitely could have pushed myself more ... and will next month when I do a lot of (s.)H.I.I.T. training.

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