Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Springs Workout

As I mentioned yesterday, I headed down to the Springs to meet up with Brandon since he's overnighting here. (... that sentence was probably all kinds of wrong but eh - i'm still in the offseason.) So, since I have a car, we drove to one of the 24s down here to work out.

First of all, the Southgate 24? Sucks. Lots more weights than the one we typically go to as well as some more cardio, but the lack of gigantor digital clocks (to time planks and whatnot) and non-mirrored walls as well as the shitty layout were enough to get it two big thumbs down from us.

Anyway, five minutes of warm-up on the recumbent and some stretching before we were off to lift. So ... what did we do today?
- walking, weighted lunges
- 3/10 body-weight squats - last five jumping
- 2/:30 planks (2 sets of regular, 2 sets of right side, 2 sets of left side)
- 3/12 shoulder presses
- 3/10 lat pulldowns
- 3/10 bicep curls

We then hopped on the treadmill to do some of the 2/3 sprints that we mentioned earlier ... but for a lesser amount of time. The ideal plan was to do 15 minutes worth ... but we stopped after 10. For me, my lungs were KILLING me (damn sports asthma) and for both of us, we realize that we should do cardio first - lifting second. Like I usually do. Anyway, walked at 3.5 mph and ran at 6.0 mph for the first sprint and 6.5 mph for the second except for the last 30 seconds which was done at 7.0 mph.

I almost died and barely had anything left in the tank (and my legs are gonna kiiiillllll tomorrow), but eh. It was a good workout.


MizFit said...

I love you two.

In a totally normal nonicky notstalkerish way.

I promise.


T said...

miz, we love you too. srsly.

and no skirtchaser in austin for me. i technically have work (yay for the start of college hockey season) ... and even if i didn't, brandon's dragging me to his college roommate's wedding. i'll make sure to run anyway and PRETEND i'm doing the race with you.

Brandon said...

yeah, we love you as well. I kind of feel special...:)