Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Goals and a Run

As it's near the beginning of September (was gonna work out yesterday, but an ass-early wake-up call, work and feeling like poo stopped that), I'm going to revisit my September goals for you so you can keep me (and us!) on track.

General Goals:
- SkirtChaser 5K and the Autumn Color Run (no longer a possibility!)
- core, cycling and general cardio
- MAYBE looking into hockey leagues
- run Red Rocks
- H.I.I.T. (or crabby's s.h.i.i.t.) training for cardio
- general focus on upping the strength training
- flexibility

Today, we technically did one general goal (cardio!) and I technically did two of my personal goals. Given that we have the SkirtChaser race on Saturday (!), we decided to go for a run. Something not quite so long given that we're a.) back at altitude and b.) in hill land.

The weather was actually nice for a run - high-50s, low-60s and breezy. We ended up running in long sleeves - how crazy is that?! Yay for fall! (*ahem*) Started off with a nice warm-up - I did 40 jumping jacks and five 25 yard(ish) sprints in the backyard. Then it was stretch stretch stretch which I SO need to do everyday. Then we ran to Target.

Yes, Target. The neighborhood Target is close by (1.85 miles) and I needed greeting cards, so we decided to run there. I kept pace with Brandon for the most part which kind of surprised me. Anyway, did the 1.85 mi. in 18:28 which was a little slower than I'd like (mmrrraaaa). However, we were running into the wind which I've noticed plays havoc on the ol' sports asthma. I'm trying to count my breathing and nature is trying to make me take in more air than I want. Stupid nature.

Of course, we were awesome and walked back home and felt good.

And, because we're even MORE awesome than THAT, we're playing hockey later tonight too ... which will obviously garner its own blog post then.

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