Friday, July 4, 2008

5K #5 of the Season

Happy 4th, everyone!


Today was the 4th annual Lone Tree Firecracker 5K as well as the fourth year I've run the race. Race times are as follows:
2005: 35:17. This was also my first ever 5K.
2006: 31:31. This was my second ever 5K. I was happy.
2007: 35:49. Hot as balls, third race of the season ... had an asthma attack part of the way through ... it was awful. I was miserable after this one.

And now ... 2008: 33:28 for a 10:46ish mile. I had to walk for a marginal little bit at two points in the race to get my breathing under control so it didn't get too crazy (like last year). It was still hot as all hell (supposed to get to 96 today!!!) and the crusty old blister under the bunion on my right foot was bugging me, but eh. Not my best race time of the season, but it's still better than my first and that's all that counts, right?

The parents took pictures so they may be posted later ... if I feel like it.

Picture courtesy ... me! Yep, I took it last fourth.

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Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!

Stupid blisters... good for nuthin'...

Let's see those photos from the folks!