Friday, July 4, 2008

5th 5K of the season

Happy 4th to all. So this is going to be an entry about my running my 5th 5K of the season, but also a little about what today means to me. Both in happiness and seriousness.

I love this holiday. It is good in every sense of the word. A day of grilling, eating, fireworks, and general happiness. But to me, it also has meaning. I love studying the birth of our nation, and I think a lot of us forget how much shit the forefathers had to put up with to actually declare our independence. Then over the next 231 years, our freedoms, ideals, beliefs, have constantly been under attack. Think about all the wars we have had to fight just to keep this country that we love intact. People take so much shit for granted it's ridiculous. Some black woman can sing the black national anthem and get away with it, then complains that she is oppressed. Fuck that. Idiots out protesting a war that not only brought people freedom, but made our country safer. You know what? Our troops are out there fighting so you can have the right to carry that sign.

Ok, before I get too preachy...I do love my country, I am proud to be an American, and I love the 4th of July.

Now, on to the race this morning. Woke up later than we should have (damn not being able to sleep last night). Ate some breakfast, but probably overdid it with the eggs, turkey bacon, and oatmeal. I think next time we will need to cut down on the breakfast. Showed up to the race a little later than we have in the past, but still were able to stretch and warm up properly. Also pointed out all the DH's beforehand and picked who we wanted to beat.

By race time, it was ass-hot and getting hotter. I started off being a competitive fuck and ran fast, but quickly slowed down my pace, knowing that a super big ass hill was coming up. I got up to the top of Lone Tree Parkway and was feeling pretty good. I picked up my pace a tiny bit and kept going.

At the 2nd mile, I picked it up even more, although sweat was rolling down the crack of my ass like Niagara by this point. Brutally hot. At about 2.5 miles I picked up pace even more and eventually sprinted it to the finish line. My official time was 30:30...iPod said under 30, for about 29:48. I will go with official time cause I'm cool like that.

Happy 4th to all.


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!!! Happy 4th!!

MizFit said...

nice job and NOT PREACHY at all.

here's to a great rest of your weekend.