Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Days, the Lion Wins

Some days, you beat the demon inside (or outrun the lion).

Other days ... the lion catches up with you and starts gnawing on your leg.

Today, the lion won.

I went over to my best friend's house tonight. My plan, ideally, was to ride over there since her house isn't all that far off the Platte River trail I've done so many times before. That, and not having to use the gas would have been a plus, too, given the current financial situation.

Yeah, well, that didn't work out so well. Got on the bike, got 3.3 miles into it ... and had to turn around. Neither my legs nor my lungs were into it so I turned on around, went back home and got in the car. Total: 5.69 miles in 25:24.

Part of me feels like a HUGE failure, especially after yesterday's disappointing run. I've also had two bad bike rides now in a row where I've had asthma issues. My mom posed a good question - what if this happens during the tri? Now, I hope and pray that it doesn't, but it IS a valid point. Still ...

... or maybe part of it was my body telling me to take it easy today and tomorrow because it knows it's got a race coming up on Friday. Either way.

But, all was not lost as Lynne (friend) owns a Wii. I got to rock out on Guitar Hero (i suck), bowling, tennis, boxing and got to try the Wii fit. My Wii age is apparently 20 - go me! However, Wii fit also says I weigh 10 pounds less than I actually do, so y'know. Whatever, I totally rocked the lunges on that game.

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MizFit said...

and so YOU won.

as anyone who rocks the lunges has a right to say.