Monday, July 28, 2008

Awesome Run! YAY!

Since my legs HURT today thanks to lifting, I was debating about going running. However, I knew that I had to so I got out there tonight once it cooled down. I will also admit that the other reason I wanted to run is I got some new Under Armour shorts at the Nordstrom Rack ($34 down to $20? hellz yeah) that I wanted to test out (me run without spandex? CRAZY!).

Went on a looping random run around the neighborhood that tackled two bitch-ass hills and a lot of mini inclines (since, as you know, we've established that my neighborhood is hilly as hell). The total run ended up being 2.26 miles in 23.57 for a 10:35ish mile.

So yeah, the time wasn't the greatest and I started getting a side stitch with about a half mile to go, but overall, it was a great run. I almost forgot how good it felt to get a nice long run under my belt, so yay. :)

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MizFit said...

so you loved em?

Ive never even tried them on...YET.