Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two days off = no good

I haven't worked out in two days. I seriously cannot remember the last time this has happened. So...we decided to do a "mini brick" for Theresa's upcoming triathalon. However, lack of hydration + it is balls hot outside here, and we were hurting. Only 4 1/2 miles of biking around her neighborhood and .5 of running.

I do not want to get lazy. However, tomorrow will ALSO have to be a day off cause I have a wedding to go to in Wisconsin. Dancing on Saturday night for awhile will be my workout then, and definitely on Sunday when I get back and lots of working out next week. A LOT of working out. I just feel better when I do.

1 comment:

MizFit said...

balls hot:) classic.

and, not to be too suzie sunshine about all this BUT: I think it's so good to take a break especially when it results (as yours is) in a big ole I WANNA GET BACK TO IT!! CANT WAIT!! reigniting of enthusiasm!

have a good weekend!