Monday, July 7, 2008


With the triathalon that I want to do next year a while away and the next 5K that I'll do is who-knows-when, I have to find a reason to stay motivated to work out. Staying maintained is my motivation right now, especially since I had a "fat day" today. (yes girls, we men have them too.)

Like T said in her blog below mine, the dinner situation was interesting, so instead of waiting, we blasted out the door for our quick 1.36 mile run around her block. I did it in 11:20 but was definitely pushing myself too hard, which was not easy given lack of food today and not exactly properly hydrated.

After our run we went straight to 24 and blasted the arms by doing seated rows, tricep extensions, and curls. We also did some core by doing planks. Then off to Sweet Tomatoes for delicious dinner.

The key for me will be staying motivated, especially with the stress that is occurring in my stupid life. Blah.

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MizFit said...

you sore this morning?
and, perhaps, harness the stress and WORK IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.
use it to fuel your exercise!