Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to running

Like I said last night in my bloggity blog, I am not making excuses this week. I need to keep at the working out. I want to not only do some lifting this week, but a long bike ride maybe on Saturday and some more swimming. Of course, lots of running, since it's like the one thing I am good at...

So as soon as I got home from ground school, I changed into running stuff and we headed out for our two mile run. Officially, it was 2.11. Girlfriend asked me to keep pace with her just so she had her running buddy with her. I had no problem with this since I have not run in awhile. We paced it very slow and it was good. I was hurting a bit halfway through, but kept plugging away.

Finished with a pace of 10:21 per mile, which doesn't surprise me or make me feel bad, since it's ass hot outside ;) and still under some slight stress from ground school. :)

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John said...

Sounds like a good run. Lately, I've had the hardest time getting my runs started.