Thursday, July 10, 2008


FINALLY got to my first brick workout this evening even though it was a baby brick. I have 24 days until the tri so I figured I'd start getting those in ... even though it's been a bad week for working out. Eh, it happens, right?

Anyway, started off on the bike since I haven't ridden in over a week (yes, it's true)(*hangs head in shame*). Just pedaled around the neighborhood - up some hills, down some hills and across a very few flats. Did 4.5 miles in 19:49 which is a pretty crappy mph (13.62), but given the lack of exercise lately and the lack of hydration ... that's about what I've been doing so I'll say "okay."

We then used the front porch as a transition zone (which meant just dumping off stuff for brandon and that plus changing shoes for me) and went for a quick run around the block - .46 miles and I did it in 4:21. Though, I did have to walk for a little bit. Stupid right calf feels like it has a giant knot in it.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a swim tomorrow before I have to hop a plane to Wisconsin, going to a wedding on Saturday (dancing) and ... something on Sunday when we get back from the trip.

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