Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeling Better

Didn't work out yesterday (baaaad t) but eh, since I worked out on my birthday I didn't really care.

Working out tonight was an interesting situation - supposed to eat dinner with the fam at 7:15 (food still wasn't on the table at that point), but that would have meant working out at the earliest 8pm (gotta digest) and that also would have meant ONLY lifting and no cardio.

Instead, Brandon and I said, "Screw it, we'll just buy dinner" and went for a run. We did the short, 1.36ish mile loop around the neighborhood. I did it in 12:27ish which made for a 9:10 mile. I probably pushed it a little harder than I should have at the beginning, but oh well. After the run, we hopped straight into the car and went off to the gym for a quick lifting session. Blasted the upper body with seated rows, lying dumbbell tricep extensions and bicep curls. From there, we moved to core - we wanted to do a lot more than we did, but neither of us had eaten in several hours and we wanted FOOD. So, some quick regular and side planks and we were out the door to Sweet Tomatoes and some salad. Mmm salad.

So, while last week was CRAPPY for working out, it already looks as if this week will be better. Yay. :)

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