Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Resolution Redux

Well, we're at about the halfway point of the year (or exactly at it. who knows.) so I figured that since I want to expand beyond the plain "oh i ran/lifted/swam/biked x amount of __ today" entries that this here blog has mostly become, I'd revisit one of my earliest posts - why I started this here bloggy-poo.

Though I started Inspiration Stardust Dreams (which sounded a whole lot cooler at the time, i might add) right after the start of the new year, it was NOT meant to be a New Year's Resolution blog. Granted, I did make resolutions this year and, being true to my female DNA, made some fitness-related ones. Resolutions which I'd like to revisit in this here entry (see: title).

BUT, the main reason I started this (thinking back on it ... and this reason may change in another few months knowing me) was as another way of keeping myself accountable. At many points in my diet/fitness/exercise journey, I've kept food and exercise journals - writing down EVERYTHING I eat or do, activity-wise, each day. I've kept them for a short amount of time (a few days) and a long amount of time (a whole semester). Thanks to a mostly miserable experience on the bodybugg (story for a later blog entry), I decided that I don't want to obsess about each and every thing I put in my mouth, but I still needed to keep track of my fitness as a way of keeping me motivated.

That, and my fellow blog buddy boyfriend, Brandon, said that reading my tri blog was motivating and inspirational to him. So, I started this here blog to keep him - and myself - inspired. It turns out, he got so inspired to start blogging that I just gave him blog rights on here (and, as you can see from the last entry, he's totally on board with the somewhat new direction i want to go with this here blog).

In any case, enough rambling. Let me get on to my actual, original, intended point of this entry - my redoing of resolutions. Out of the eight total I made this year, half of them were fitness/health related (nos. 2-5). They were:

- Get back in shape. I actually was doing fairly well with this last summer before I went crazy. (story in the (hopefully) near future)
- Compete in at least five races again and possibly add another one into the mix. This also includes doing a tri again.
- Finally learn how to fucking kayak.
- Play more hockey.

Now, let's break these down ... starting from the bottom up.

Play more hockey - Ha. Let's look at the numbers, shall we?
Hockey played by this point in 2007: 15 games/drop-ins/whathaveyou.
Hockey played by this point in 2008: 6 games/drop-ins/whathaveyou.

Yeah. I'm doing well here. But oh, it gets better ...

Hockey played total in 2007: 26 games/drop-ins/whathaveyou.

So, if I want to indeed "play more hockey" this year, I'm going to have to squash in at least 21 more games/drop-ins/whathaveyous into the next six months. Now I'm not saying this is impossible mind you, just highly improbable. If I stay around here, I may join a fall/winter league (know peeps thanks to a part-time hockey scorekeeping job) which would help, but I may be moving within the next few months for a job, so who knows. All I know is that I will hopefully skate five more times before I move (if needed) to use up the last of my punch card.

Moving on ...

Finally learn how to fucking kayak - Current financial situation (that doesn't look to improve) makes my non-existent Magic 8 ball say "all signs point to no." *cries a little*

Compete in at least five races again and possibly add another one into the mix. This also includes doing a tri again - Check, check and check.
Race dates 2007: 5/5, 6/20, 7/4, 8/5 (tri!), 9/15
Race dates 2008: 4/27, 5/11, 6/15, 6/18

Unless noted, all races are 5Ks. Also planned for 2008 is the fourth annual Lone Tree Firecracker 5K on July 4th (and it will be the fourth year i have raced in the sucker. crappiest course EVER). I have already registered for the Tri for the Cure again (8/3!). Since the boy can't compete in the tri, I may do a 5K with him in August and there are two I'd really like to do in September - the Autumn Color run again in Buena Vista and the Skirt Chaser series just because it looks so damn fun. Brandon's really hoping to be able to do that one with me.

So, not only do I succeed on that resolution, I am destroying it. Go me!

And finally ...

Get back in shape. I was actually doing fairly well with this last summer before I went crazy - Ah, insanity. When I finally post the bodybugg and 24 entries, you'll understand. But for now, I don't feel like getting into it. *sticks hands on head, waving them like fake moose antlers all while sticking her tongue out*neener neener neener! (yes, i am mature).

In any case, I feel like I've been doing fairly well with that. I still can't fit into all of the shorts I could fit into and, in some cases, bought last summer (*sigh*), but I'm getting there. According to the boyfriend, it looks like some of the pudge that both of us accumulated over the past month or so is starting to go away again, so whoo hoo!

The hardest thing right now is knowing I need to get my diet back on track. However, it's hard still living at home with overweight family members and well-meaning (but sabotaging) parents who make snarky comments when you don't want to eat the crappy greasy food that's been laid out before you.

I think that's enough out of me for now ... A later blog today will be a stereotypical T/ISDreams workout blog post and hopefully in a few days (or tomorrow. we'll see) I'll get to my workout history and a little bit of the methodology behind why I am the way I am in working out.

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