Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trying to Stay Positive

In preparation for my upcoming 5K (friday!!), I decided I'd run today. I was hoping it would be at least a halfway decent run despite:
a.) my running buddy being in ground school. *sad face*
b.) it being pretty warm out (84 man ... not much humidity, either - 17%. i guess that might be a lot for we dry coloradoans though ...)
c.) having run ONCE last week

I felt really good on the run - felt pretty quick ... but then I Running Mapped it so I could put the mileage on Run Voomaxer (if you have facebook - get this application) to get my time and the results (app does splits - how cool is that??).

1.74 miles in 18:05 (about; i think my ipod clock is slooow ... that, or i count too fast) for a 10:23 mile. Now, this upsets me since I've been averaging at least a 10-minute mile lately and my last run was a whole lot quicker than that. With one of the worst 5K courses I've ever done quickly creeping up on me, that kind of news is NOT what I'd like to see ... especially when it'll be 88 degrees on race day and therefore about the same temperature as it was today when I run at 8:30am or 9am or whatever it is.

Still ... I'm trying to be positive here and take solace in the fact that despite it being a crappy time, I actually felt pretty damn good after the run.

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MizFit said...

youre not TRYing to be positive you ARE being positive!!


have a great day.