Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Swim/Bike Brick

So even though my training isn't going nearly as well as last year (i think - i need to look into that), I'm already a small step up in that today was my SECOND open water swim pre-tri ... unlike last year where I only did one the weekend before. Oops.

Regardless, today I went to Cherry Creek State Park with the training buddy (same place where tri is held) to do an open water swim/bike brick. The water was warmer than Aurora Reservoir which was nice AND the water was deeper than last year - also a plus. A BIG plus as swimming at the CCSP swim beach last year meant brushing the sand while just outside the rope. This year? I could barely stand on the sand. Much better.

Anyhoo, I'm not entirely sure how long we were in the water, but we estimate we did about 400m. The boyfriend was also awesome in that he swam right on top of me while grabbing at me to simulate the swim part (though, as i mentioned later, while it's crowded and people swim on top of you, they don't actually smack and grab at you). I didn't feel that strong - probably due to the large swim the other day - but I definitely didn't panic as much as I did at AR.

After we got out, we put together our bikes for another long-ass transition. Brandon had some brake issues - I don't envy him since I hated that stupid bike (he's got my old one), but he told me to go on ahead so I did.

Brandon thinks I'm going to do fine on the bike, but so many of my training rides have been total crap. Today was a measley 4.08 miles in 16:33 for 14.79 mph which is icky icky ICKY. My quads hate me during anything with an incline (mmrrraaaaa) and my sports asthma, which hasn't been bothering me much, has been kicking up a lot on rides.

Guess it's time to find my inhaler again ...

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