Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Sprints

Given that we didn't end up running yesterday after the bike ride, I definitely wanted to get in a good, long run today.

Yeeeah, should have done that earlier this morning when I woke up with the boy. Been waiting for a friend to text me back so I know whether I need to drop some crap off at his work or not but since I haven't heard back from him in a while, I decided, "screw it, I need to get me some exercise" and went outside.


It is HOT out. Hot as balls, as Brandon would say. I went out to the backyard to warm up some and then stretch and then run.

Yeah. I just did the warm up. I did about 10 25m (i think) sprints in the backyard, 30 jumping jacks and then two 50m sprints ... after which I stopped after almost killing myself on a tree root. I swear they're bigger than they were last summer.

Regardless, it's a small workout and will have to sustain me until later this evening when it is not quite so hot out. However, I'm going over to a friend's for dinner and that might take a while knowing her family ... so option two may be me dashing off to the gym to lift or something and just running in the am. Or not. We'll see.

However, I actually updated my oft-neglected LiveJournal with an amusing (or so i think) entry on my TV watching habits lately, so head on over if you want another glimpse into my life.

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