Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A run to take off the tension

For some reason, I am happy about being in ground school right now, but I'm not. It's a strange thing going on here. I think part of me is nervous because the writing is clearly on the wall that if oil keeps going up, Frontier is going to go under. If Frontier goes under, I'm screwed. No other regionals are hiring right now, so I have the potential to be out of the industry for a long time here. I believe that if that happens, I am just going to find something else...medical or business like. But anyway...enough about that.

I got home and quick threw my running stuff on for a jaunt around the neighborhood. Just the 1.38 mile track that I do when I want a quick run. It's not fun working out by myself (I miss girlfriend!) but I knew I had to. I did it in 11:45, which gave me an 8:30 pace. It's fine because I was pushing myself today. I want to do so well in this 5K this weekend. I think I will.

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