Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go Legs Go Legs GoLegsGo

After talking about it in 3143289471032984 blog entries (or so), Brandon and I finally lifted again. *throws confetti in the air*


In any case, tonight was a lift and swim night at 24. Since my legs have been bugging me on the bike, we decided to focus mainly on legs but do a quick total body lift. We did:
- 3/:30 wall sits (last one :45)
- 2/15 body weight squats with another set of 10 - five regular and five with a jump
- walking lunges (didn't count reps) - first set across the group x room regularly; second set added a rear leg extension in
- 3/10 lat pulldowns mixed in with 3/10 seated rows - very little rest
- 2/10 bicep curls
- 2/10 captain's chair leg raise thingys (i'm so technical. if you know the actual term, LET ME KNOW PLEASE!)

After that, it was into the pool. I wanted to do a continuous workout so I took it slow at the beginning. Lost count a few times, but whenever I did, I made sure to go to the last number lap I remembered doing. In any case, we'll say I did 800m (breaststroke peeps) in about 22 minutes which is, as I said, sloooow.

I did notice something weird, though - the pinky finger on my left hand started aching part-way through. It stopped when I closed my hand all the way or partway into a fist, but that just adds resistance and is pointless to do during a swim. Sooo ... hopefully it goes away. Or something.

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