Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crosswinds Suck

Food made us feel icky yesterday, so we didn't work out.

Today almost turned into a cluster, but luckily, it didn't. The agenda was originally for a bike/run brick along the Platte River Trail, but as we were heading over there, the skies opened up. Instead of exercising then meeting up with a friend of mine to hand off some old internet CDs, we switched it around, played some Guitar Hero ... and noticed the sun was back out and the rain had disappeared. So, we figured while we were already over near the trail, we'd get in our ride.

My quads hate me. I can think of nothing else but that. It sucks. I forgot my inhaler, so I had some minor sports asthma going on. Even though we were making some decent time/speed on the first half of the ride, we thought we had a headwind going on. However, the higher speeds indicated by the ol' cyclometer should have told me otherwise, as coming back the headwind was WORSE.

Obviously, we had run into some killer crosswinds, instead.

All in all, we did about 9.18 miles in 33:28 for 16.46mph. The mph was higher, but I still felt like ass through most of the ride and probably pushed myself a lot. And I say "about" because I know we had done a bit more than that - cyclometer spazzed out on me. I guess its wiring, which snakes around the bike, doesn't like being shoved in and out of cars a lot.

And thanks to the asthma attack, we didn't run. We just said "ah screw it" and went home ... which means I need to run and run a lot tomorrow. And Saturday. And probably Sunday while we're at it.

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Crabby McSlacker said...


I always find it amusing to compare my puny (but consistent!) fitness efforts with folks like you who really work out hard--and then see you guys feeling all disappointed in yourselves for not doing more.

Hope your quads have forgiven you!