Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Laziness abounds over here at ISDreams.


We were all gung-ho about going to the gym today. But, due to the erratic schedule of my family, dinner got delayed a bit and then took a while (not that i cared TOO much since it was yummy yummy sushi). THEN we got lazy after digesting (but did walk home from my brother's) and sidetracked a bit ... but we finally made it to the gym.

Did the typical 5 minutes on the recumbent and stretched out to start. I'm pretty happy because it looks like my flexibility is slooooooowly coming back - yay for me starting to attain one of my monthly goals!

Then, it was 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and, in the spirit of MizFit (who i keep giving a whole lotta link love over here), five minutes (1000 meters about) on the ol' ergometer/rowing machine.

Yay for sweat, man.

Then, the plan WAS to lift, but boyfriend wanted to hit up the steam room before it closed (which was, at that point, in like five minutes) so he could shave, so none of that.

Which means ... lifting tomorrow. Hopefully. As well as a bike ride. Maybe.

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