Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rest = Good

After two well-deserved days off (so ... sore ...) and more of an adventure than we really wanted in Aspen (ran into creepy guy at campsite; ended up spending the night - still in my car, but in a parking garage. yeah.), we got back into working out tonight.

The original plan we came up with yesterday was to run Red Rocks and lift, but Red Rocks is closed this weekend for some music festival, so we came up with plan b - lifting and a nice little swim.

Too bad neither of us really had anything in us.

After the typical warm up, we stretched out and decided what to do. We decided that, instead of sets, we'd just do as many reps as possible to failure. So, we did that with arms since they were the only things really not still kind of achy.

Started off with legs - lunged across the group x room and then did body weight squats until we could squat no more (well, squat no more keeping good form). We moved to core - a few supermans and then held a plank. Our cores were still really sore, but I was able to hold my plank for a minute and probably could have gone longer. Then ... arms.

Brandon made my arms cry out in pain. We started doing one-arm dumbbell curls. Curled until failure. Then dropped the weight - rinse, repeat. Did the same thing with lat pulldowns. I swear I was doing lat pulldowns for a freaking half-hour. Arms = dead.

After that lifting session that made it seem like we did so much more than we actually did, it was time for the pool. Probably managed 350 meters total - 200 continuous breaststroke, 50m with a kickboard, 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle crawl. My crawl still sucks, by the way. Must get that better before my next tri which will be sometime next summer.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow morning before Brandon leaves on a trip, but it will probably be running as we have our 7th official 5K of the season coming up on Saturday!

And while I mentioned that neither of us really had it today, I think it was for different reasons. Not sure why Brandon didn't, but me? I learned that my favorite professor from college who was a friend and mentor passed away. It hit me as a shock. If you like well-written (hockey) books, check out Home Ice. Or, if you like fiction mixed with some hockey, check out Saved, which I actually have an acknowledgement in.

Rest in peace, Jack Falla. You will be missed.

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tokaiangel said...

Really sorry to hear about your mentor passing away, that must have taken your feet out from under you, no wonder you felt it was harder to focus! I can never give anything 100% when I'm upset, my mind just floats off somewhere else.

Take care you!

TA x