Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hooray for the treadmill workout

Woke up this morning feeling motivated, although working out without my workout buddy is really hard. :-(

When I went downstairs it didn't look like the workout room was open, which really made me mad. I wasn't going to go running around El Paso. But luckily it was open. I decided due to time I would just do a 25 minute treadmill workout, but would definitely push myself for those 25 minutes. And I did.

Set the incline to 3 and started. First run was at 6.1. Second run was at 6.5. I started to feel really good even though I was sweating like crazy cause the room was really hot. Third run was 6.8. For the 4th, I backed it down to 6.5, then for the final sprint, I went nuts. 30 seconds at 6.0, 30 seconds at 6.4, 30 seconds at 7.0, 30 seconds at 7.4, 30 seconds at 8.0, and for the final 30 seconds went at 11.0

A good workout, and more tonight


GroundedFitness said...

this doesnt have anything to do with what you said but it reminded me of a time i was at starb's and i went to go to the bathroom. tunred the handle and it was locked, so i waited. and waited. another lady came up and I said someone was i nthere. she walked up, turned the handle and it opened. i felt like an idiot. but then i got pissed because she just walked in instead of letting me go first because i had been there first. bitch. sorry. i dont know if you allow swearing here, but she deserves it.

Kelly Turner

T said...

kelly - have you read our posts? swear away. ;)