Saturday, September 6, 2008

5K #6 of the Season ...

... technically. Technically this is 5K #7 if you count the one with the tri, but for argument's (and blog) sake, we'll call the SkirtChaser #6.

SkirtChaser 5K
SkirtChaser 5K
Brandon and I in our get ups.

We left the house fairly early so we could stop and pick up a small pre-race snack of a bagel and cream cheese (split between us), banana and string cheese. That got finished by 4pm (race was at 5/5:03pm) and we hit our parking spot by 4:15ish. We wandered over to the race area, used the port-o-potties (unsuccessfully, i might add - racers like Steve in a Speedo know the value of a good pre-race poop) and started stretching out.

During our warm-up, I realized that while my camera may fit in the nifty little pocket on my hip, it was way too heavy to stay in there bouncing along (and slightly tugging my skirt down) for an entire race. Too late to go back to the car, so I carried it along with me. After stretching and warming up, we were ready to go.
SkirtChaser 5K
SkirtChaser 5K
The craziness.
SkirtChaser 5K
My personal Skirt Chaser. ;)

Ready except for a pre-race poop. Which Brandon managed ... but I didn't. BOO. This would come back to bite me later on.

Anyway, I was off at 5:00pm and Brandon followed at 5:03. I felt pretty good on the course for the first half of it. Though one thinks Cherry Creek North is nice and flat, the surrounding neighborhoods and area actually have some hill action going on, once again helping to prove my theory that NO race in this state is on a flat course. That, or no race I choose to do at least.

Saw Brandon for the first time after I started looping back (the race was an out-and-back). My feet felt pretty good as did my lungs except for a bit of scratchiness (getting a cold. stupid colds). HOWEVER, around Mile 2 tragedy started sinking in.

Remember the possible chub rub I talked about yesterday? Yeah. Came. With a vengeance. So needed my UnderArmour shorts. Never thought I'd say "I LOVE SPANDEX" but while running? Yeah, I think I do. The two miles had also apparently jarred my bowels enough to finally make my body realize, "Hey T? You need to poop." Thanks, self. You could have realized this 20 minutes ago.

Needless to say, the last 1.1 miles were awkward. I had to pause a few times to try and adjust the mini shorts under the otherwise-comfortable skirt (unsuccessfully) a few times. I also started tinkering with my stride to try and make the thigh rub pain lessen. Part of me reeeeeally wanted to walk, but I knew ultimately I shouldn't because other than the rub and the need to poo, I was feeling fine.

I managed to sprint across the finish line, ignoring the pain in about 30:44, which I believe is my fastest time this year. Sadly, the line for the volunteers to take off the race tab thingy was ass-long, so I couldn't get a picture of Brandon crossing the finish line. Instead, the closest I got was him waiting in the ass-long line.
SkirtChaser 5K
Brandon on far right.

We grabbed water and I headed to the port-o-potty. Thankfully I wear a liner in ze ol' underoos, because the need to poop? Yeeeah. Marginally bad. There was also no toilet paper in the port-o-potty (FIGURES), but some guy was nice enough to see my hand frantically waving through my cracked open door and me calling for someone to get me some toilet paper ... and found me some toilet paper. So whoever you are, dude, THANK YOU.

After that was taken care of, I went looking for a first-aid tent or something ... and found only some volunteers with a first-aid kit. Marginally sketchy and scary when I realized that the only help on the course had I fainted or something would have been the traffic-controlling cops, I took it anyway and taped some gauze on the thighs to help alleviate further chub rub (which was already in mega ouchy pain).

We grabbed some more PowerAde and a bit of the salad and bread - the free part of the post-race food spread - but decided we didn't want to pay $5 for a barbecue sandwich. I like my BBQ, man, as well as my salad, but after a race? Give me bagels and bananas (and maybe a squishy) any day.

As a result, we bugged out and decided to pick up dinner elsewhere. On the way home, we saw the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Parlour and said, "Ah screw it" and picked up some ice cream.

SkirtChaser 5K

Planning on taking tomorrow somewhat easy. A walk in the morning to get some Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte season!!!!!) and then, separately, perhaps a nice easy spin on the stationary bike.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, peoples.

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