Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Hate Arrowhead Way

Before I expound on my title - taken off of my run - I want to mention that Brandon and I are super awesome and WALKED the mile downhill to the haircut place so Brandon could get his head groomed. That also included a nice detour at the park to go play on playground equipment because we're really five-years-old, not 25.

However, the wonderfully cute loafers that I recently bought apparently don't like my feet (go figure). Apparently I'm now a 10.5 shoe more often than not. Stupid feet. We tried calling my mom to have her pick us up, but her phone wasn't on. Well, my feet hurt but I wasn't going to stay, so off went the shoes and trouser socks and I trod barefoot (possible shout out to ms. charlotte, maybe?) .4 miles until Mom actually managed to pick us up.

Anyway, today's cardio was a run (not a bike ride like we thought. silly reserve). We were thinking of doing a longer run, but then I reminded the ol' boyfriend that we need to lift today so we decided to go a bit shorter. We ended up doing separate runs - mine was 1.5 miles.

1.5 miles with one BIG ASS HILL. Brandon will agree with me that this one hill (arrowhead way in the ol' neighborhood) is a giant pain in the posterior. It's steep and evil and ... well ... great for training. The hill is about a half-mile into the run and the entire length of it really isn't actually all that bad, but dear sweet jeebus is it steep.

Still, I did it in 14:41 for a 9:47 mile - 6 seconds shorter on average than the SkirtChaser ... though over half the distance.

Another post for me later after lifting.

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