Friday, September 5, 2008

Splish Splash

Today was a wee little workout - about 250 meters (maybe) in the pool, some breaststroke, some freestyle ... all fun. Then a little rest in the hot tub and good to go.

Brandon and I also walked around Cherry Creek North; a.k.a. race central tomorrow night.

SKIRTCHASER 5K TOMORROW!!!! I'm excited. We picked up our packets today and I tried on my new shirt and skirt. The skirt? SO COMFY. I am uber-excited. It was chilly today (50s!), but should be back up in the 70s tomorrow (go crazy colorado weather).

I also plan on seeing if I can squoosh my camera in the pocket on the shorts that are attached to the skirt* so we can get some pictures ...

* the shorts, i might add, i'm a tad worried about. i have tree-trunk legs (expansive ass is genetic; so are large thighs ... relatively muscular or not) and i prefer longer spandex to prevent, what's the popular term these days? chub rub? regardless, that shit. boo. but i don't feel like wearing the ol' underarmour shorts under ze skirt. seems a bit like overkill methinks ...

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