Thursday, September 11, 2008

Short Lifting Blog (with shout-outs!)

No deep insight here, folks. Partially because I'm tired and cranky thanks to coming home to a sink and counter full of nasty dishes. I know my mom will "get to it later," but later always happens to be a few days down the road when someone gets fed up. So I (and/or brandon) do it.

Sorry. This blog is not the place for that.

Anyway, typical warm-up for us at the gym (read basically any other gym post to find out what that is) then off to lift only:

- lunges with bar across the group x room (i added a back leg extension)
- 2/12 body weight squats with a swiss ball
- 2/10 hamstring ball thingys (lie on back with feet on swiss ball. raise butt in air. curl back toward body)
- 2/15 swiss ball crunches
- 2/10 each side decline medicine ball sit-up twisty things (i seriously need to smuggle a camera in)
- 2/:15 v crunch holds (get into v position, balancing on your ass. hold.)
- 2/10 each side freemotion machine downward ax (using the cable machines mentioned on grounded fitness the other day)
- 2/10 cable cross thingys (kinda like a standing flye)
- 2/10 tricep extensions (still on the cable freemotion machine)
- 2/10 seated row

Then, just to mess around, we did MizFit's one-legged rows, which, I might add, I rocked. On the right leg. For five reps. The left leg? Did five reps a bit more shakily.

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