Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For the MizFit

I read quite a few health and fitness blogs out there on the ol' interwebs (and will get a blogroll going eventually) and one I (and seemingly everyone else out there) love is MizFit. Well, her Friday Link Love post linked to a crafty little project I just had to try:

CD Dumbbells.

I figured, "Hey, I have 2384703874 CDs lying around for some future art project thanks to years of collecting free AOL CDs and saving CDs that failed to burn for me, so why not?"

The following are the result:

CD Dumbbell
The finished project. Obviously I had a lot of left over threaded rod.

CD Dumbbell
What it will look like when I get a hold of a metal saw and chop off the extra rod.

CD Dumbbell
Brandon lifting the dumb/barbell.

CD Dumbbell

I'm not sure how heavy the dumbbell actually is since the scale in the house is a broken piece of crap. I also want to take some fabric or foam and tape it on to where you'd actually grasp the bar as that threaded rod? Kinda hurts.

Given that I have some dumbbells lying around as well as a gym membership, I think I'm going to give this to my friend Gen as a Christmas gift since she's been trying to find a good way to work out at home.


MizFit said...



you care?


T said...

link away!

tokaiangel said...

Ahhhh you DID IT!


TA x

Mark Salinas said...

Funny! I like your site!

new*me said...

what a motivated crafty one you are ;)

zandria said...

That's GREAT! And that's also a LOT of CDs. :)

ashley said...

I love this!

Melissa said...

AWESOME!! I think I'll try this myself...I have a ton of useless CDs.

Now please think up something to do with cassette tapes. I'm waiting....