Tuesday, September 16, 2008

H.I.I.T., I Hate You (when i have a cold)

Not expounding much - READ THE POST BEFORE THIS ONE. It is more important.


Did treadmill sprints today like the boy ... but shorter and I'm retarded because I forgot to warm-up and stretch. Oops.

Anyway, did all my walking at 3.5mph ... and 3.5 incline. Which is fairly hefty. Then, the sprints.
First Sprint: 6.0 mph
Second Sprint: 6.2 mph
Third Sprint: 6.5 mph ...

... At this point, my lungs (which had been hating me before), REALLY started to hate me. Damn cold. So, I decided to chop up my last three minutes ...
12:00-13:30: 6.5 mph, 3.5 incline
13:30-14:30: 7.0 mph, 3.5 incline
14:30-15:00: 7.0 mph, 5.0 incline

That was ouchy. I walked for a minute to cool down (warm down? is there a difference?), stretched out a bit and went home.


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Mark Salinas said...

Great job! I use the foam roller before running and stretch after.