Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WANTED: Advice from the Fitosphere

So. Brandon and I post on this college hockey message board ... a board that is actually part of the reason why we met. Anyway, on this board, there's a diet and exercise thread. One of the posters posted the following:

"I have started in the regimen of working out. Short term, I have concluded that I will not be able to maintain a workout schedule as I would like but something is better than nothing. 2 kids and a schedule that is about as full as it can be are the main culprits.

Long term, the community in which I live is in the process of building a kick ass YMCA. My wife and I plan on making visits to the Y a daily thing with all the family once it is open next September. Within the next year I will be stepping back from many of my commitments to free up my schedule.

Here's my situation.
Both my wife and I were in tip top shape just few years ago and now not so much. My wife has recently dedicated herself to Weight Watchers. I am not sold on it. Not that it doesn't or may not work but to me it seems to be complicated. It is important to her for me to get on board with it. If I am unwilling to be supportive it will more than likely make it difficult for her to be successful. Any ideas/feedback/opinions?


So, few readers that I may have, I guess I ask you the following:
1.) Any of you tried WW? Is it actually that complicated?
2.) I know he can be supportive of her without actually doing WW, but what if his wife is adamant about him doing the program - what then?
3.) How else could he "get on board with it" without necessarily actually joining WW with her?

Thanks, everybody!

Oh, and tell your friends to hop on over here to help, too. ;)


tokaiangel said...

I've never done WW, but I have a lot of friends who have. Having 100% support from a partner is naturally helpful, but that doesn't mean they can't adapt recipes to suit both of them. Trust me, I'm a protein-loving carnivore and my boyfriend is a carb-loving vegan - and we make it work. Just make the same meals, but give her smaller portions of the meat/carbs and double up on her veggies? That way their meals are the same size overall and she'll keep within points allowance without feeling deprived (like I always do if I have a less full plate than my boyfriend!)

TA x

MizFit said...

Id say by just being kind in GENERAL and specifically by not sabotaging.

I dont have time to ramble BUT Im with TA and the clients I had who succeeded with WW ate all 'normal foods' just, perhaps, less of it than preww.

most important? be her cheerleader. with no strings or caveats.

T said...

thanks, ta and mizfit! :)