Thursday, September 4, 2008 It Up

Gym was actually BUSY tonight at 8pm. It usually starts to die down at 7:30 ... I was kind of surprised.

Anyway, as Brandon and I are starting to wind down and prepare for the SkirtChaser on Saturday (packet pick up tomorrow!), we wanted today to be our last run day before the race. So, it was off to do treadmill sprints. Short warm-up on the recumbent (3 minutes) and not as long of a stretching session as I'd like so we could nab two treadmills next to each other (we share water and a towel).

We did the 2/3 treadmill sprints ... but I added in a twist. I walked at a 1.0 incline and 3.5 mph. I ran at 5.7 mph (not fast) ... but upped up the incline to a 4.0. I tried doing it at 5.9 mph, but that was a bit much. I did that 3.5/5.7 through 15 minutes. Plan was to originally do 30 minutes of sprints instead of the usual 45 but since I was upping the intensity even more than usual, I figured it would be better to cut the time down a bit given what I'd been reading a bit around the fitosphere thanks to tokaiangel's H.I.I.T. challenge-thingy.

SO. For the last sprint interval (minutes 17-20), I started upping it up. Minute 17: incline 4.5 mph. Minute 18: speed 5.9mph. Minute 19:00: incline 5.0. Minute 19:30: speed 6.0 mph.

I wasn't crazy as le boyfriend (seriously, i wish i could force myself to push it to the limit like he does), but still tired. Walked for five minutes after (taking the workout to 25 minutes total) to cool/warm down.

Oh, also went for a walk this afternoon, spending time playing on the playground (we're dorks). Hoping for another walk tomorrow as well as maybe a nice relaxing swim.

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IM ADORING THE HIIT because Im working out farfar less.