Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frustrating Math

New job (up early + late lunch) * dinner issues ((food anxiety * late hour)/lack of decent protein in house) + early wake up tomorrow for said job - workout buddy = no gym time for me today. :(

We've discussed how life is not good for me if I take more than two days off from working out. Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow after training day two. Hopefully. *siiiiigh*

In other news, I am now supporting my ill-paying hockey watching career by becoming a barista at Starbucks. I feel so disloyal to my favorite coffee shop EVER (colorado local what what), but T needs money and the world's most humongous coffee shop happened to be hiring and can work with my scorekeeping AND writing jobs (in that i can work mornings/early afternoons only). I'll put the upsides only, as I'm trying to stay positive over here ...

1. I'm making money. This is good, as my bank account is the lowest it's been since ... forever. Boo.
2. If I even maintain just 20 hours a week, I can get health and dental insurance that will undoubtedly be cheaper than the $156/mo I'm paying now.
3. I get a pound of coffee or box of tea free ... per week. This means that I could in theory hook all five of you readers up with coffee/tea at some point. Or a pound/box to give away to your respective zillions of readers. What what.

Sadly, I can also think of a few negatives, but I'm restraining so as not to post them. Trying.


tokaiangel said...

Good luck with the new place! For me I can make the worst job the best fun ever by making a super-effort (not easy for me) to be friends with everyone there and have a giggle. I still miss my old crappy bar job where I worked 5pm-4am every night with only one 15 minute break purely because I got on with everyone and the time flew by.

And now? I'm in a job I LOVE and am currently trying not to puke because this morning I have to go into a meeting and fight with my evil boss again and be made to feel like CRAP.

The main thing is you still get to write. You are still following your dream.

Props to you!

TA x

MizFit said...

we need to all take a fieldtrip so you can be OUR barista!!

I hear we're all good tippers, too.

M said...

Just checking out some good reading! Have a nice weekend!

T said...

ta - yeah, i'm glad i'm still using my degree (somewhat) by writing. barista by day, hockey scorekeeper or journalist by night. so far i'm liking it though (as i say this only two days in) ...

mizfit - sounds good to me! i made myself a pumpkin spice latte today and it was FABULOUS.

mark - you too!