Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Screw You, Legs

Despite the fact that my legs (okay, hip flexors) and rotator cuffs feel sore thanks to working out yesterday (mostly hockey), I said, "fie, body!" and went to the gym.

Typical warm up of the recumbent bike (7 minutes today) and LOTS O' STRETCHING. I WILL get my flexibility back. I may even *gasp* go do yoga at some point this month to keep with my flexibility goal. After that, it was 10 minutes of evil, evil intervals on the stepmill (not quite really high intensity, but i'm working on it).

Then, since core is the goal this month, it was off to do some "lifting" that was mostly core work:
- lunges with an empty bar back and forth across the group x room
- 3/10 crab walk thingys on the ball
- 3/:30 planks
- 2/:15, 1/:20 side planks (both sides)
- 2/:15, 1/:30 bicycle kick crunches
- 3/10 back extensions on the ball
- 3/10 dumbbell bicep curls

Good enough for today - quick, in and out, we're good. Would have liked to do more arms, but Brandon said no thanks to my stupid sore rotator cuffs. *pouts*


Mark Salinas said...

Good stuff! My hip flexors are usually my nemesis! The foam roller helps me! :)

Dr. J said...

I was sore today!! I pushed through and got it done. 7 miles on the road, 30 minutes high intensity stairmaster, body weight stuff, then a karate workout to finish off! Then, COLD POOL! Do you use one of those? It is better than ice as it's all over. 5-10 minutes of being a polar bear and you'll be as good to go tomorrow as I am! It's a nightmare that won't quit :-)

T said...

mark - i both love and loathe the foam roller. i should have used that yesterday but i sometimes forget about it. oops.

dr. j - i'm too big of a wuss to use the ice bath. the closest i get is a lukewarm shower after a run. ;)