Monday, May 26, 2008

Crappy Swim + Legs

Ended up doing a late workout with the boy. We decided to lift legs and swim - today probably would have been a running day had not the weather been total crap.

Anyway, legs. We started off with some lunges to warm up - first some diagonal (hockey) lunges and then some regular lunges with a rear leg extension. From there, we did some weighted squats, angled leg presses, standing calf raises and hamstring ball thingys.

After that, we hopped in the pool - albeit reluctantly, since it was a bit murky. It also ended up being really warm, but we figured, "eh" and went for it. I did 100m to start off and about died - just didn't have it today. So, instead of doing the "swim sprints" I attempted last week, I swam regular laps when I could and then just functionally goofed off with Brandon. We did sprints to see how fast we could swim, resistance drills (try to swim with the other person holding on to your legs), etc. In other words, not the greatest pool workout, but I'll take it.

Tomorrow - running, despite what I'm sure my legs will say.

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