Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally in Denver...let's go lifting!

I drove 14 hours today and am beginning a new chapter in my life. That new chapter will include more weightlifting and working out, as I FINALLY get to be with my workout partner, or as she calls me, her WBB (workout buddy boyfriend).

We went to 24 really late. We warmed up with 10 minutes on the stairs, which was brutal for whatever reason. After stretching, I took over the routine. I introduced T to the Turkish Steamroller. We just did one set of those. We also did crab walking on the ball, again, one set. She then showed me a good core workout in which I'm lying down and sort of twisting with a medicine ball.

Followed all this up with shoulder presses and curls, of course. Girlfriend said she wanted to work on her weak tri's, so she did some lying tricep extentions. Finally, we finished it off with lat pull downs. Shot some hoops, which made me feel like the most pathetic white boy to hit the court since Greg Kite.

Run tomorrow.

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